1,000 Miles MP3 Site

Produced By: B.C. Read & Glenn Ens

Please feel free to download and play these songs on your shows.

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Please don't give this music away for free.

I have a family to feed.

Thanks and Enjoy.

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1. Didn't Sleep At All (B.C. Read) Chicago Style Blues with Horns and Harmonica (Featuring Big Dave McLean)
2. The Blue Boy (Read) R&B with Joe Cocker influence.
3. Number Two (Read) Chicago Blues (McLean on Harp) Slide Guitar.
4. Rosalita (Read & Tennent) Latino/Tex Mex feel (Featuring Suzie Vinnick on Vocals, Jack Semple on Acoustic Guitar)
5. 1,000 Miles (From Chicago) (Read) Chicago Blues (Humpty Dumpty Feel) Full Horn Section (McLean on Harp)
6. That's The Deal (Read) Funky R&B (Featuring Wilma Groenen - Duet, Sax section ala Van Morrison)
7. Jellyroll Baker (Read) Acoustic Guitar and Tuba (Piedmont Style Country Blues)
8. Diamond Bop (Read & Corbett) Horn Driven' Blues (Instrumental)
9. What Could Have Been (Read) Ballad (Acoustic Guitar - Accordion)
10.(Why Can't We Just) Walk Away (Read) Funky Blues (Horns, Jack Semple on Guitar)
11.Train of Life (Read & Mallard) Country Blues (National Guitar, McLean of Harp)
12. Are You Ready for the Country (Neil Young) LIVE off the floor (Suzie Vinnick on BG Vocals)