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A special "Thank You" to Rawlco Radio and their 10K20 program. All radio stations in Canada should have a program like this. Rawlco is helping to keep music and recording alive in Saskatchewan. Click on the link for more information

For years now the Art's Board here in Saskatchewan has been helping finance projects by Saskatchewan Artist's. I am happy to say that they have helped me and they could also help you. Follow the link for more information.

One of Saskatchewan's greatest companies. I would recommend Brian Mallard and his team for any of your financial planning requirements.

He's also a very good lyricist.

I use an AER Domino for all my acoustic guitars. This is one nice amp. I recommend

AER the finest in Acoustic instrument amps.

Highlander pickups are the best I've found for any resonator guitar. I liked them so much I installed them in all of my acoustic guitars. Check them out on line or at a music store near you.

For the past 25yrs I have used only one type of string on my acoustic guitars. John Pearse "Phosphor Bronze - Medium". Check them out at a music store in your town.





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