Jazz Fest 08 Review:

Cam Fuller, The StarPhoenix

Published: Monday, June 23, 2008


BC Read put the 'big' into big-band following Mobadass, fronting an octet made up of local legends. Read's set cornered the market on smooth, loping, mid-tempo blues. Wise and grooving were Two-Faced Man and, from Read's outstanding Bowl of Sugar album, Garbage Man. The mega-band features mainstays like George Tennent on bass and Sheldon Corbett on sax, and makes room for "blues apprentice" Sarah Griffith on trombone (looking totally cool in shades and retro hat). Read, meanwhile, kept it real on guitar and dobro, playing an all-original set of songs inspired by friends and family. (Rhyming "wife'' with "best thing in my life," should get you more than one bowl of sugar). Then there was the superb slow one I've Got News For You, an inspired ballad infused with life experience that deserves to be a big hit.