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An award winning singer, songwriter from Canada. He has spent over twenty five years refining his craft in some of the finest clubs and festivals throughout Canada, Europe & the US. With a unique style of Roots & Blues song writing that has received praise from all over the world. His songs have been used in movies (Something More) and television shows (The Incredible Story Studio). All of B.C.'s four CD's are available for purchase here, go to the Album Information page for details on ordering. BC"s music has been charted in the top 10 by Blues DJ's from as far away as Australia, Brazil, Greece, Spain and Germany as well as in North America. 1997's "My Tunes" made the number 6 spot for Real Blues Magazines top Canadian Blues Albums. In 2000 "LIVE" with released after a great solo show was recorded at the Basement in BC's home town of Saskatoon. It was featured on CBC Radios "Saturday Night Blues". His 2007 release "Bowl of Sugar" has also received wide praise from both fans and critics. It was nominated for a "WESTERN CANADIAN MUSIC AWARD" as the "Out Standing Blues Recording". His latest release "1,000 Miles" has spent over 20 weeks on the Roots Music Blues Chart, peaking at #7.


B.C. Read latest release, his fourth album,

"1,000 Miles".



Featuring long time friends, Suzie Vinnick, Big Dave McLean, Jack Semple and Wilma.

This could be the best recording yet by this mega talented singer / songwriter.


B.C. Read - "One of Canada's Best Kept Secrets".



"1,000 Miles"

Has been on the Roots Music Report Charts for over 20 weeks

and charts at #7 on the Canadian Roots Music Report




* "(Why Can't We Just) Walk Away" *

Now posted on

Neil Young's "Living With War Site"

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 Jelly Roll Baker

From B.C.'s new album"1,000 Miles" Check it out




B.C. Read & The Big Band @ Sasktel Jazz Festival June 24th, 2011

Didn't Sleep At All & Blues Man Has Got to Wear a Hat.

(Thanks to Terry Hoknes for posting this video)



More Video from the Sasktel Jazz Fest

1,000 Miles (From Chicago)



Also search for B.C. & Band with Suzie Vinnick & Wilma Groenen at the SaskTel Jazz Fest on Youtube



Here is a link to a YouTube video created by a fan from Serbia. Thanks: Zoran


Check out Zoran's Facebook site here



Here's one from 2011 at Vangelis Pub in Saskatoon.






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