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"1,000 Miles"

Saskatoon Blues Man & Music Vet gives us another fine album

Bill Robertson - Saskatoon Star Pheonix

Vicente P. Zumel-LA HORA DEL BLUES-Barcelona - Spain

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John Valenteyn - Maple Blues. (Canada)


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Blind Lemons top 20 Canadian Blues Albums for 2012


"Bowl of Sugar"

Saskatoon-based B.C. Read's third outing is a mixed but generous collection....He's also a  strong songwriter whose tunes sound fresh even when based on familiar forms.....overall this is a fine outing by a talented and interesting artist.

Written by: John Taylor


Yes, B.C. Read is back and “Bowl Of Sugar” reiterates all that was said back in 1998.  Good-time Blues, excellent song writing, loads of talent and B.C.’s recipe for curing all our Blues.  After all, a Bluesman is supposed to Heal us, right?  5 Bottles of Saskatoon Berry wine for an excellent ‘comeback’ album from one of Canada’s finest.

Andy Grigg - Real Blues Magazine

Real Blue Magazines Top 100 for 2007

B.C. Read "Bowl of Sugar" @ #28 Worldwide.

Saskatchewan guitarist B.C. Read has assembled a raft of tuneful originals on his new disc, Bowl of Sugar (BlueBudda 2204). Tightly arranged songs are delivered by a large rotating cast of players (including horns, keyboards, and accordion) whose sole interest seems to be supporting Read's artistic intent. The other strength is Read's soulful voice; he handles emotionally fraught ballads ("I've Got News For You"), wry shuffles ("A Blues Man Has Got To Wear A Hat"), country-flavored waltzes a al The Band ("Highway Shoes") T-Bone Walker pastiches ("Raining & Pouring") and brassy, Chuck Berry-meets-Delbert McClinton roadhouse rockers ("Once & Awhile") with confident aplomb.

Tom Hyslop - Blues Revue

Blues Revue (Blues Bites) Aug-Sept '07 Issue 107

B.C. Read Bowl of Sugar

Blue Budda

Bowl of Sugar is a rather more ambitious project than his last studio album, My Tunes, and it has its corporate sponsors recognized on the back _ a sign of the future perhaps. His regular band is augmented with horns and back up singers: George Tennent on bass, Sheldon Corbett on sax & accordion, Tom Cunningham on drums, Rod Salloum on keyboards and features old friend Big Dave McLean on harp for two songs. Added for the horn section are Brent Longstaff (principle tuba player from The Saskatoon Symphony), Ross Ulmer on trombone, David Anderson on trumpet, Sharon Matheson & Kelly Read on vocals. Read is from Saskatoon and is a radio host when he isn't playing his guitar and harmonica. The full band is on only a few of the fifteen originals, Read writes songs in a variety of styles and adjusts his forces accordingly. He likes using a tuba to accompany his acoustic blues and Longstaff is up for it. "Louisiana Dream" has the band marching along, New Orleans parade style. Big Dave MacLean duets on a song they co-wrote in Howlin' Wolf-style, "Why Do Girls Do That". "Highway Shoes" is a traveling song but one with a catchy melody. Read has a gruff vocal style, reminding me of Mendelson Joe. This one is worth checking out and definitely worth catching live. His web site is www.bcread.com.

John Valenteyn - Maple Blues Magazine

Maple Blues Magazine - May 2007

Blues Matters, the U.K.'s top blues magazine reviews "Bowl of Sugar"

in issue #43.



Read it here!!!

Craig "The Music Geek" on "Bowl of Sugar".

Planet S Magazine


Ned Powers, The Star Phoenix

Full article here!



B.C. Read "Bowl Of Sugar" (Blue Budda)


Fifteen solid originals from Canada's acclaimed B.C. Read. Good time, good-humoured blues cuts like "A Blues Man Has Got To Wear A Hat", "Why Do Girls Do That?" & "(Get Yourself A (Garbage Man)". Made me think of John Hiatt,  Larry Garner, Taj Mahal and others I can't place. Enjoyable.

*** Good. Solid disc with little filler.




B.C. Read and his Big Blues Band @ the Sasktel Jazz Festival June 2008. Reviewed by: Cam Fuller of the Saskatoon Star Phoenix.



"Read has always been the king of blues in terms of Saskatchewan,

and among the royal elite in Canada, in my mind. With Bowl Of Sugar

he certainly justifies my view of his ability. 8 out of 10"

CALVIN DANIELS - Yorkton This Week
Aug 2007


"My Tunes"

"It's a darn shame to those for whom geography renders unlikely the opportunity to catch this mega-talented performer in concert anytime soon.
It's been said many times that B.C. Read may well be Canada's best kept secret. Even the 1997 release of "My Tunes," a fourteen-cut marvel of intelligent song craft, soulful vocals, and passionate performances, hasn't done much to raise his profile on the Canadian blues map. That it hasn't made B.C. a household name says much about the vagaries of the 'biz,' as it's very close to a masterpiece."

John Taylor - canadianblues.com

"While his gravely vocals are certainly worthy of praise, the real highlight of the disc is the song writing. Stylistically, Read moves easily from uptown 'Nawlins' funk (his voice is at times reminiscent of Dr John), to gutbucket delta blues, to rootsy folk ala John Hiatt. Read has an ear for catchy melodies and a knack for a clever turn of phrase."
Pete Noel -Blues Scene Quarterly
"His sound is an eclectic mix of swing, hard core Chicago, folk and Delta blues.  His gruff voice has the same quality that The Band had in their vocals, and the set comes off a very Bluesy "MUSIC FROM BIG PINK".  A very pleasant and likable set of music." 
Al Handa - Delta Snake Daily Blues News
"Given that B.C. Read has been performing since the late 1970's, it's surprising he hasn't received more attention.  We look forward to more of Read's tunes, and we hope that he begins to receive the credit he deserves".
Sarah Chauncey - Canadian Musician Magazine
He has a fine blues voice and writes good songs. Described as “whiskey-soaked” and “husky” it is placed by producer Ken Whiteley in settings from Chicago to the Piedmont with Rev. Gary Davis being a very important influence. The songwriting is by Read or by Read with members of the recording band and I hope you get a chance to hear them on your favorite radio show.
John Valenteyn-Maple Blues Magazine
"One of the best Canadian Blues CD's in years,... B.C. Read may be the greatest unknown talent in the country, but this disk (My Tunes) should change all that,... when something this good comes along, it does much to stroke my Canadian pride.  Blues fans worldwide will find this to be an exceptional recording..."
Andy Grigg - Real Blues Magazine

Reads passion for blues has made him almost as good a storyteller as he is a performer. He lite the gymnasium on fire with his gravelly voice and amazing acoustic abilities. His music was complemented by his backup George Tennent who wowed the audience with his equally commendable talents on stand up bass. Anne Sanderson- Wadena Arts Council

"The opening track signals that the listener is in for a treat.,,,right from the moment the laser beam hits the disk."
Terry Craig-Saskatoon Free Press

"His whiskey soaked voice has a very fine taste. Kind of like 25 year old scotch, smooth going down, but with lots of flavor and bite. This CD shows Read's depth and experience. A real keeper worth many, many listens. 4.5 out of 5 stars."

Grant Jones - Kelowna Daily Courier




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